The Journalist’s Lies

2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21
Fibs eat laxity with no laxatives on
35, 56, 91
Eyes turn away; what’s a little Fib growing?
We’ll find a way even when Truth’s gone.

Socially Mediated Tyranny

“You ain’t sh….opping at the right shops!
Your meals are too ordinary. Even your
Guardian angel must be a frail-looking
Nerd without the brains to match the title,
But with just the brawn that can’t lift an axle.
You too don’t have the six pack to share
With friends; the thumb icon seems to point
Down just for your life, Hearts for their smiles,
Smiles, camera.


The eagle soars to survey and seek its prey, as I ride
Peacefully building a future where my kids will be eagles
To pray the prayers that freed my heart, to dream the dream
That Washington, Lincoln and Martin Luther King dream, and
Put the whip back into its sheath.

The Joneses

udas borrowed life for a day to make
Something’s what I need now. Brand new car.
I’ll sell a soul for that. Mine? Yours?

Agreed #not

1961 it was agreed….not
1972 it was agreed….not
1984 was not agreed…but
1996 it was agreed….not
2008 was not agreed…but
2019 it will be agreed…but