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Let’s be cannibals!

On a planet far far away, mental disease has become mainstream,  the inhabitants celebrate it with oxymorons and absurd excuses: 

Why now do they hate me so? 
The hyena starving doesn't check whose toes!
The tadpoles arguing don't let bros grow
Even shark foetuses just let teeth go
The chimps eat even chimps they know
But why oh why do they hate me so? 

Why now do they say it's wrong? 
Tim White saw signs on Homo bones
Gough's Cave has skulls, human ones
Scythians, Fijians had it going strong
Lake Matumba, Batetela, so much more
But why oh why do they say it's wrong? 

The genes made it, didn't they? 
For DNA winds from centuries away
Through humans who chose to live this way 
In wars, famine, some sought another day 
By sinking teeth where others delay
But why oh why shouldn't we heed DNA?

For brains this big chooose wisely!
Reason rising beyond nature's dire need
For logic in denying solutions and dying.
Supplies tarrying calls for demystifying
The flesh that abounds, but is yet denied!
But why oh why do we our brains deny? 

Born this way, or grown this way,
Nature or nurture's the hater's debate. 
We're born and we also choose this way
So respect our choice and also our DNA, 
We'll fight to protect our chosen destiny
While you wile away your living hate.

(c) nyonglema