Peace in the Wind #Zaumu #Sampson

I watch you go again: you never learnt to stop!
Nature set you back, the roads with vile treacherous trap
Tried to take the clock
But you never take a knock,
You never say enough, you give and give, but never give up.

Candle in the wind

…The leaves
Pause to mourn. It wasn’t the reaper calling.
A bearded Jew picks you up like a prom date,
His halo catching the pearls of your white dress.
The fiery chariot makes your half smile shine, as you
Look back at the tears to come…

Agreed #not

1961 it was agreed….not
1972 it was agreed….not
1984 was not agreed…but
1996 it was agreed….not
2008 was not agreed…but
2019 it will be agreed…but