What’s next?

2017 – 10 – 14

Hello Readers,

Hope you are still having fun on Waghni. I have been travelling a lot since August, so I haven’t really had time to focus on giving you your fix of words. But, there’s loads of stuff written long time ago, which you can enjoy.

Of course, you can request if you wish to read about something particular, or explore a specific topic.

Have a great time,


2017 – 07 – 04

Hi Readers,

Thank you to all who have subscribed to waghni, to my RSS feed, and who continue to read my poems. I hope they inspire you. Please don’t hesitate to share, use, comment or criticise, for these words I write are meant to reach the ends of the world and inspire peace and love.

Currently, I’m working on a visual image for the site. The logo is now up, and the visual elements are falling in place. I need to ensure that you are easily able to find the right poem you want to read at the moment you come on here, and that you can request for poems to grace your special events, to put on cards and such.

Let’s walk this journey together, and bring each human’s special words (be they happy, loving, painful, sad, hurtful) to the world.

Keep reading, and don’t forget to subscribe in order not to miss the latest on your site.