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Fresh Start #happyNewYear #2014

Adieu 2013, you served me well: You made me laugh, cry, frown, want to die, Long to live longer, get bored, hunger for action, Get into excess euphoria, feel melancholy, Love, hate, rave about that abominable colleague, Praise another, glorify the Lord, Fall prey to the Fallen, rise again to walk, Despair, and be rejuvenated,…

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PHOENIX (2009)

A new day will come, when from ash, The glory of the golden feathers, Sprayed in red and brown and ash Shall rise. And in those weathers, A flamboyant flame so hopeful bright Announcing, like the Star of old: “There shall pass some event of delight!” Shall spark and spread like a manifold, Piecing together…

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