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To Emmaus

He lived, they saw, they followed
He died, they feared, they burrowed
He lived, they heard

He lived, they saw, but burrowed
Or left: despair the venom
Seeping into the herd

The women gave a new testament
The dead man Heaven sent 
Was dead no more.

The apostles gave same testament
He lived and died and under went
Then rose to more

But such witness may not suffice
And more of the Old opened the eyes
Of the walking pair

Maybe this age losing its sight
Can be hinged on this singular fact
That the New comes into light,
Still hidden the ancient artefacts
That prop the story up aright.

He lived, they saw, but burrowed
Even as witnesses gave testament
For they knew not of the Old,
Of prophets, and Solomon's gold
Of Ephraim, and Rehoboam
Of Susanna's guiltless sorrow

Maybe we can't see the Old in the New
And by keeping only the partial Testament
We worship ourself, call it Neo-testament, 
Rejecting the Lord's call to go over anew,
From Genesis to see His grace anew
That at the breaking of the Bread
We may see His glorious Godhead. 

(c) nyonglema

I hate messes too

What if Mary and Joseph had come to you on Christmas Eve?

A donkey a man and two people in a woman. 
Navel points to dust as if to say: "Imminent". 
Winter's frosty bite's is too much trouble 
And if I give in to this sweet talking strong man, 
I might find myself therein rather imminently. 

For what whining with new life clatters through 
The halls of a hotel, where sleeping souls seek
Solace, won't yank them out of wrangled slumber
To complain, keep the gelten bag, then shoot 
A notice on my place: "Flee the Plague"? 

What if Cerberus licks baby and mother's 
Face in hearty welcome to where none seeks it? 
What to do? What to say? What to think, 
As soldiers enquire "Did he really smother?"
and "Why?" Oh it causes me to tremble! 

Tremble, tremble oh soul of mine!
Let them go to the next hotel in line
For trouble's in the side-view mirror, 
Urging me on to walk into imminent horror
But wisdom's mine: "Go! Goooo! You'll be fine!"

(c) nyonglema 

My son is 10

Only yesterday you put your fingers in my eyes
As if to dot them, to make them more perfect for you. 
Today, you cross my Ts and with ink, dot my i's
For our conversations have got richer with each day

And as I recall cradling you to sleep with many tries
For you would stare, looking for everything new
In the living room, where you and I crawled like spies, 
Discovering every nook, every cranny, every day, 

I relish  you now, on your way to start your own fires, 
On your way to be the spirit that brings out something new, 
On your way to reach mine, then peak at a higher spire
On your way to change the world, your way. 

(c) nyonglema

Mu gab ah (I know)

Dorian throws the news around my phone, 
And its not pretty. Some are sad, some are swelling,
And the rest curse the past as if death was an ally.
The words drip drop on the easel, and the brushes:
Oh they make grandiose do you paint 95?
With the purple of Kutama, a splash of yellow, and
Green and brown. It paints struggle with bars,
In white and peach and blue and red.
I'm reminded of a time when coins became
Empty notes, and the brush painted pain plainly
On poor people...but black is not such a good colour
To pour all over this tribute. Well, that's what
My painting teacher said ... and I just said "I know".

(c) nyonglema

RIP Robert Mugabe,
May other leaders, especially in Africa, learn from your victories to bring freedom to their people, and from your failures, to avoid the corruption of power.
May God receive you in his bosom.

Starting over #hope

As I stared out the wooden window wishing 
I wasn't sitting here, but thinking the words 
To paint on this page, I create brand new worlds
That the teachers will totally dig relishing. 

But you know sometimes you notice that one line
Is out of place, then the paragraph, then the whole
As the sweat beads decorate my forehead folds
I know I'll draw a line, and toss one into the bowl. 

Despair decorates mistakes beautifully, but
I know muses loiter in strange places, like deep
Sea fish hanging their lanterns in a weird jut. 
I reach in, and grab one before off it leaps. 

(c) nyonglema

Doors #startingAllOver

All I see is doors, 

You're looking at them picking the exit,
But each exit is more

Each exit is an entrance to new merit. 
When I look at doors

I say a prayer, grab a hat, and in high spirit
Do a David Norris

For each exit entrances you with merit:
There's not a moor

But adventure like a brave Hobbit
Brings you victory... just in new habit. 

(c) nyonglema


9 is like something uncompleted, but with a tinge of very special. 
If God multiplied Himself, there would be 9 of Him. 
It could have taken 9 wise men to avoid Herod's whim 
And those 3 little pigs if nine were quite the team.

9 is like something still being perfected, but already very Godlike
Like the 9 lives of a cat, which signifies eternity 
Or my will for the whole nine yards with you with me
Or me on cloud nine at your breath forming "sweety"

9 melts the soul, mends the heart, and lifts the mind to new
Planes like you, always dressed to the nines,
Or me caught for nine years like wheel and spline
In the magic of your curves, thoughts and mind. 

My golden adorned finger still sings the joys of December, 
And memories flutter around my mind like butterflies amber
Probing the nectar from a pollen filled field, smiling as they taste
The joys of being you, and near you. 13 years seems like the haste
Of a boy to the Christmas tree, but it's not toy-time yet, 
It's just a celebration of you and me, when hearts met
Lips formed forever, and hands sealed like cymbals
And the Seraphins played along as 9 years are just a symbol
To hold firm the objective in a beautiful God-wrought gimbal. 

(c) nyonglema


His first poem #NatureIsSpeaking @conservationorg

I still remember him reciting this when he was 4 years old, now he’s writing his own words…so proud…


The little icons play games on the phone screen,
As my little monster muses playing Subway Surfers,
His new drug, my new bane.
Well we parents are keen
To teach him how to live through all life offers
In words, hugs and a cane,

If necessary. I grab the phone like to grab his attention
Fleeting from object to object like bees in a meadow.
But really I did,
I grabbed his attention,
Turned it to the page opening up poetic knowledge’s window
In words unhid,

Yet unknown to me yet. Simple words he must recite
To mum and dad, and Mr Grumpy tearing through age three
Happy to have the phone
Not even turning right
To see the first performance of the object of sibling rivalry
And true friendship shown.

If all the seas…“, I interrupt the poet rudely
Mouth hanging on the words, longing to…

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Genocide is just a word

As the 1st of October draws near, this is what I’m thinking about…


Happy celebration Cameroon

It all starts with the “genos” part:
? ?If there’s no race, it doesn’t exist
?? So history gets braided into little kids’ hairs
?? Till they remember only the victor’s tryst
?? With death, in order to save our forebears
?? For graves never wrote history. A cyst
?? Of truth is hidden deep where the death of fear
?? Meets the death of youth at the barrel to the sun.
?? Lifafa is wiped with the shroud of Um
?? Till “genos” is but a word in beach sand.

And with no “genos” there’s no “cide” :
?? Self defence is the panacea of every atrocity
?? Little children with gaping brains
?? Young girls’ cocoons bitterly maimed
?? Young boys disappear to be brutally tamed
?? Humanity at the end of life gets hastened
?? And propaganda is Elvis doing a pirouette
?? On…

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Ego #divorce

What are we teaching our kids? Life is becoming so demanding, that we don’t tolerate each other. Life has become so artificial, that we have forgotten that we are just apes trying to figure out how to make each day better.

As more and more couples break, I cry for humanity whose young are learning that this is normal, and our society which teaches to give up once they going gets tough, as if relationships were a bottle of vodka at the corner store: if you don’t like this one, you can have that one. Let’s walk the pain of life and relish it…that’s the only solution to abuse.

“Be strong, my child, never give up!”
The surgeon is pulling my soul out with kind words,
No anaesthasia, just kind swords hacking at me,
Taking away myself in lumps of tumour.
It had metastasised and eaten the bond away.
The bond that made me. The bond that made me me.

“You must be strong in the face of adversity”
Said he as instead of treating his humour
He became weak in the adversity of his university love.
I remember the smiles and kisses they told;
Stories of times that now seem wrinkled and old
Where they held hands, and wore bands
And raised lands, and made me.

“Never give up, never ever!”
Said he who was giving up on us
Giving up on me, because he couldn’t stand
To sacrifice anymore.
Because she couldn’t stand to grace his side no more,
No submission from either.
My tumour had birth a pride so big
It ate the bond, the bond, the bond that made me me.

“Learn to tolerate tough situations, they make you strong”
And two wrongs, only make me write
Pain in the blood of my cornea, calling to the corners
Of their hearts where love is boxed in, caged in,
Fighting larger-than-life versions of themselves
And losing, like my soul’s pain loosened to wander,
Yet I should bend only to my will, and tolerate
To be as successful as they’ve been along the way.

Never give up?
Fix me up, fix you up, fix us up?
Like “No” from the depth of a grave,
I killed my family in Latin.

(c) nyonglema