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Surprise (Amazement, surprise, astonishment)

Why me? #poetry

Sometimes I ask why me? Sometimes, the night is darker than should be Or the light just a tad too bright for me Sometimes the water is Antarctica on my skin Or I seek Antarctica to bring peace to my skin. But why me with These words to say what I feel and make you…

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Bright Lights #transfiguration

Whoa! I have never seen this one before! Diamonds sparkling where trees swayed, casting Their awestruck projections of myriad rainbows Upon our faces, and straight to our hearts. What feeling is this? This brings me back to that day on the boat, When salvation changed my trade, and made the day after Never the same.…

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It’s morning

The pianist moves his fingers across the notes the flowers play The violinists follow gently, in slow graceful movements The guitarists cast the sun about with swifter motions to the wind The percussions are harmonised by the enchanted tweets of birds Watching the green orchestra turn the smooth morning breeze Into music for the eyes…

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Exiled #neoAfrican

Urbanised, I grew near concrete and car honks, not farms and cow horns Nor the chirp of birds harmonising farm hoes tilling the soil. My streams had little fish, just plastic and plastic and sticks from corns. Urbanised, I learnt to read quite young, and in books was embroiled. But back “home” where they wake…

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