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The 10th Planet #PlutoFlyBy #Kuiperbelt

What if Pluto and its orbiting moons were gifts to some queen,
A Taj Mahal of grandeur from some forward life form
Attesting love in no uncertain terms, and as is to us men,
By having a heart-engraved orb remind her how much the heart is torn?

And as our messenger enters the next solar system unknowingly,
To see in splendor the 10th planet (or so we think)
Hidden hitherto by clever craft and years of scientific homily,
What awe would we perceive in that blink?

A civilization far advanced in many ways and strange,
The bustle of life flowing on its surface,
While New Horizons snaps away, keeping its fly-by range
Till it gets a Kanye-paparazzi-pimp-slap to its face!

(c) Nyonglema

The Fly By #PlutoFlyBy

I wonder what I would feel as new horizons flew me by:
A probe taking pictures of my abode for earthlings’ eyes.
I wonder would I feel violation of my age-old privacy,
But yet rejoice that it was but for a minute;
Or elation at finding other life in this void so spacey
Then tear up as my memories go with it?

I guess, I’d only be glad I found other life whirring past
Clicking away, cold, without a smile, hurtling past,
And forever remember this sign from distant brethren
Saying hello to another silent ball floating about in this pen.

(c) Nyonglema