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Myriam Batjoachim #motherofGod

The Angel offered to seize it all:     Your peaceful days gathering water     Your anonymity doing God’s ways,     Waiting for your spouse to take you     In order to save an ungrateful people. You said yes! The governor forced you on a census, with     Baby pressing your…

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Home #nature

There’s an orchestra in the trees A funny band they are, uniform with instruments. The same notes rustle enchanted leaves, Putting on a show for the feathery clouds pasted Across the tapestry of God’s palace, (For a carpenter, it’s strange He fancies blue) Spreading before my eyes covered in awe Taking it all in: the…

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Bright Lights #transfiguration

Whoa! I have never seen this one before! Diamonds sparkling where trees swayed, casting Their awestruck projections of myriad rainbows Upon our faces, and straight to our hearts. What feeling is this? This brings me back to that day on the boat, When salvation changed my trade, and made the day after Never the same.…

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Looking for Rafiki #rise

There are times that life gets so complicated that you lose hope, that you believe that you are just a mistake in God’s master-plan. In those moments, you may wish to be in a movie. Like in the Lion King, where all goes bad, then here comes Rafiki with the water reflection trick to make…

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