After Trump

At Pompeii’s feet, sprawled is the victor,
Ironically repenting for his actions past.
And the people, confused and totally unsure
How to continue the game with the dice he cast

You are racist

I still remember when being called “Racist”
Meant the end for anybody…You’d break in fits
Like ” …Gabadadadja…me? Racist???! Nooooo way!” But when the word gets wrapped in political cloak
And swung around to avoid clarifying what one spoke…

On 28th March: Save Yourself #EarthHour #SaveYou #NatureIsSpeaking @ConservationOrg

The over-fishing, over-eating, over-mining, over-everything
Requiring the support of a Nature, willing, but drawn
To the limit of breaking without empathy, care, understanding,
Foresight; just over-reaching to pull all put there from Life’s dawn,