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Candle in the wind

...The leaves
Pause to mourn. It wasn't the reaper calling.
A bearded Jew picks you up like a prom date,
His halo catching the pearls of your white dress.
The fiery chariot makes your half smile shine, as you
Look back at the tears to come...

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Petals #old #time

Ripe the garden plants, bright the flowers they bear For bees to frolic and play till in future fruits be bare. But I look at the flowers and see the petals fall. Have you seen it before? Beauty and the Beast? One petal drops to the floor: Thriller’s gone, the man in the mirror fades…

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Talking to glass #mum #RIP

They say glass is made from sand, and I’ve witnessed In documentaries how men take the so-rough-and-ugly To make these marvelous pieces, that hold the best Wine, whiskey, temperature, treasure. I had treasure once; It wasn’t made of glass, but I lost it by my fault And watched it pour into oblivion ounce by ounce.…

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