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Mu gab ah (I know)

Dorian throws the news around my phone, And its not pretty. Some are sad, some are swelling, And the rest curse the past as if death was an ally. The words drip drop on the easel, and the brushes: Oh they make grandiose moves...how do you paint 95? With the purple of Kutama, a splash…

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Elections #Cameroon

The voice of the people cry out in the wilderness: "Prepare ye the days of the next overlord."They dream of wild money and tarred net streetsBut can only be guaranteed not a single day to be bored. Cast your vote, like exorcism in a closed buildingWhere faith died! You know the head-spinIs the moment the…

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399.99 #Libya #neoSlavery

In November more than 230 years ago a letter changed the course of history. Lady Middleton inked hope in the heart of a British speck, And no matter how small it saw itself, and made protest The cause was so big that the Hope she sowed seemed 300 against Persian military. Lil’ Bill set out…

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D.N.A. #blacklivesmatter

I’m mostly skin-colour blind, but in this post I want to reflect on the struggles within the black communities. You know that moment you have to protect your kids from some particularly mean neighbour? Well you won’t be protecting them if you did the same to them would you? The question to most blacks is:…

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Scream #oldDictators

“I can’t breathe!”, I screamed. “I can’t hear!”, was the echo. Think about it, It’s thirty years the first promise was crafted Yet, nothing positive has been thought or drafted. The promises turned back on the journey to greatness, And pain ossified them on the spot into vain… but wait, let’s Go in deeper. Roads,…

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Laudatur probitas #politics

It all starts with a good intention If I could change the world? The switching of seasons can’t bring constancy of reason, Where my people live treason, and profound division In silence, in a world Where their full potential is nobody’s goddamn mission. And escalates with good intention And that’s insane! My damn mission is…

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Gabonese truth #Gabon

In earnest beyond the Pings and Bongs of firearms And call to live your life on the ground with raised arms I see one dying people Taking shots from lying people And, they, dear friends lose again amidst the hearse’s palms. (c) Nyonglema  

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