Special moments

There’s no pain without prior serenity
There’s no war without prior peace
There’s no hate without prior love
There’s no death without prior life
There’s no end without a prior start.

Do it for Love

Romeo fell up the balcony while the bats
Roamed the sky, catching the bugs in his
Poetry. The melody cast a shadow at Juliet’s
Door and with his head over her heels,
Her heart was gripped by the lyrics
Pouring into the secrecy of that instant.

My son is 10

nly yesterday you put your fingers in my eyes
As if to dot them, to make them more perfect for you.
Today, you cross my Ts and with ink, dot my i’s

Candle in the wind

…The leaves
Pause to mourn. It wasn’t the reaper calling.
A bearded Jew picks you up like a prom date,
His halo catching the pearls of your white dress.
The fiery chariot makes your half smile shine, as you
Look back at the tears to come…