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Lies #facts

What tales are you telling your thoughts today?
Walking to face your Facebook feed elated,? As if ever anything came from being chained down
They offer hope as: "Be yourself", "Keep your booth"

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Truth or dare? #RIP #hope

No neither. I see… I see bird droppings zoom out the sky and And… Humans drop looking for luck in different spheres. The crowd panics. Not felled yet, trees stand And run for the woods where leaves shield. And… I see droppings hit the leaves, souls leave the trees. Truth or dare? No, neither. Silence…

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Et si

This is a poem in Français I wrote in 2004 of one of those boyish moments, when you’re stuck between telling her or getting rejected by her, or wondering how long it will all last. Hope you enjoy my words from long ago 🙂 J’errais sur les chemins secrets de l’Olympe, Cherchant l’archer au visage…

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Laudatur probitas #politics

It all starts with a good intention If I could change the world? The switching of seasons can’t bring constancy of reason, Where my people live treason, and profound division In silence, in a world Where their full potential is nobody’s goddamn mission. And escalates with good intention And that’s insane! My damn mission is…

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