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“Si ton père est alcoolique et bois de la bière pendant que vos voisins gèrent vos finances, il boira du Hennessy dès qu’ils lui laisseront le contrôle : l’impact sur la ration journalière sera nul.” — He was screaming at my bent head, louder and louder, And I tried to hide my face from his…

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399.99 #Libya #neoSlavery

In November more than 230 years ago a letter changed the course of history. Lady Middleton inked hope in the heart of a British speck, And no matter how small it saw itself, and made protest The cause was so big that the Hope she sowed seemed 300 against Persian military. Lil’ Bill set out…

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On Addiction #slaveToPleasure

It pulls you as much as you pull it It pulls you as much as you pull it. You’re both master and slave to each other, Satisfying your raster of cravings in destructive instants. And in those instants when the cage feels sweeter, You’re trapped further by some form of trance. It pulls you as…

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