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9 is like something uncompleted, but with a tinge of very special. If God multiplied Himself, there would be 9 of Him. It could have taken 9 wise men to avoid Herod's whim And those 3 little pigs if nine were quite the team.9 is like something still being perfected, but already very GodlikeLike the 9 lives of…

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Happy anniversary #marriage

These are a few words you can surprise your special other with on the day both of you publicly agreed to walk the special path of marriage. Use ad libertam! Caveat: make sure they read past the first 4 lines …if not it may not end too nicely lol You know I nearly forgot about…

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Divinely loving #marriage

Once I saw Venician vines. Well it was in a book. But I can imagine the Farmer picking the right ones, Juicing into the barrels building His empire. I can imagine reality matching the expert books As the smiles of satisfaction pile in amounts of mounds, Smiles shired in the balance and wit of an…

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