Divinely loving #marriage

Once I saw Venician vines. Well it was in a book.
But I can imagine the Farmer picking the right ones,
Juicing into the barrels building His empire.

I can imagine reality matching the expert books
As the smiles of satisfaction pile in amounts of mounds,
Smiles shired in the balance and wit of an esquire,

The ones I saw in Venician vines welling towards a book
Of ancient days. He just made the flavours jump, bounce
Upon the buds of the thirsty around the fire

Past their imagined reality matching the expert’s books
That foretold a Sage to bless the joining of two ones
By blessing the water, the maid and the sire

Like once I saw in Venician vines. Well it was in a book
That I saw true love swell from seed to gigantic mount
And thought myself that love always ignites the ring of fire

Past our imagined reality, but patching the expert’s book
With a new tale of love, that I now see on a Nso mound
Like once I saw in Venician vines. Now this is your book
To outlast imagined reality, and dwell for aye in your children’s books.

(c) Nyonglema

So, my homie from Street 237 just did something marvelous, making me proud. I love that :-). God bless your years together guys!

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