Evil Begets Evil #theChainofEvil #theChainofGood

“Evil begets Evil”

I read upon the derelict arch,

Engraved in the stone: a warning to all

Who to these ruins would march.

“Evil begets Evil”


“Evil begets Evil”

Even the welcome mat

Reeks of waste, not welcoming at all.

Just cracks with invading moss matte

The Evil regrets of Evil


Evil besets Good

When a family neSt/bed

Through greed and hate after inheritance

Deep to murder instincts is infested

Evil arrests Good.


“Good begets Good”

The cracked frame read

Lying in the rubble like a forgotten fossil

Covered with dust and shoe tread

“Good be-” *crack* “gets” *crack* “Good”

The words nobody heeded

Till Evil bore only more Evil.


(c) Nyonglema

2 thoughts on “Evil Begets Evil #theChainofEvil #theChainofGood”

    1. I beg to disagree:money is NOT the route of all evil…agreed. But loving money can lead humans to do the most terrible things.

      Having money nowadays is mostly better than not having any, as the society has made it that way. However, seeking happiness is different from seeking money. Loving money traps people into taking shortcuts, hurting others; you end up with the money, but despite the crowd of bees humming around you like you’re honey, you’re still lonely and miserable. But seeking happiness, and truly giving, you can make a lot of money, for more is given to he who gives.

      So in summary, loving money should be discouraged. We should encourage our young to seek true happiness…which is way beyond success, money etc. True happiness is measured by how much you have to give (not just how much money, but how much love, hope, encouragement, time) to a fellow human being. You could have all the money but being unable to give to a stranger indicates how much pain and craving you have.

      Have a great day…and share the love


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