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What could have been?

What if the presidents cared? 

They said victory was imminent. 
With evil intent, with barrel on fatigue, 
Beads on mud-caked scentent string, 
Leaves so scared they're now silent, 
Trees hearing the slaughter of a pig, 
While life goes on in the battle ring. 

Few years back there was a mountain
Where silicon budded genius software jigs.
Yet eyes were closed on everything. 
Where were those billions you're now bent
Over backwards to send over leagues 
To warring factions wearing hope thin? 

Yeah! What if the presidents cared? 

My people die for lack of wisdom. 
Life is nothing but an excuse to loot. 
Life is nothing but dirt to be trampled
Upon when upside down is the kingdom,
Wishing to have a neck under a boot
As a solution to pain,  Wishing that ample

Resources can paint the soil crimson. 
Did you care when they dropped out? 
Did you bear those same veins on your temple
When hunger ravaged the mother's bossom? 
Where were the millions to soothe
And bring hope and make nimble? 

How many books did you garrison? 
How many teachers did you arm? 
How many laboratories have  you loaded
With new tech to break them out the prison? 
For cultures have marched out of harm 
By focusing on growth not the goading.

So the victory still seems imminent, 
With evil intent, with barrel on fatigue
The kids out of school, the schools on fire, 
Leaves so scared, they all went silent, 
Trees hearing the slaughters on the hills,
While you fuel the hateful mire. 

(c) nyonglema

Aid in Africa #blexit

I heard them saying:

Fish, fish, fish
Free fish for the suffering African 
Your history's pain, and misery
Your misery's plain, and surely
Fish will make you whole. 

Your ancestors feeble
Fell to imperial machinations. 
Your past heroes were but pale 
Imitations of ours... here some fish. 
Your misery's plain and surely, 
You can't do anything without me. 

Your children are feeble, 
And can't learn anything. 
Fish will make you whole: 
Here grab a bite.
I got it where you can't go. 
Your misery's painfully surly. 
Cheer up, have a bite. 
Fish will make you whole. 

Fish will make you whole. 
Your history's all that matters. 
Here grab a bite. Forget potential. 
You don't have any. I'll save you. 
Your surly misery's painful
But surely miserly gains would 
Change it all for you? 
Free fish for the suffering African 
Who can't do anything today, 
Because history took it away: 
Fish will make you whole. 

I said no. 
Grabbed a fishing pole.

(c) nyonglema

Learning the Computer #millenials #2000kids

Most perplexing about the capacity of human brains,

Is the flexibility felt when my sons learn computer games.

I watch them go from that searching stare of silent innocence,

Lying in crib or mat, swatting at pendants as if in offence

To swiping and stabbing with index finger at all passing tablets,

Cellphones, my poor laptop! If there’s a display and app-lets

Or full-blown applications with colours which beckon,

They’re game for clicking about and that’s done heavy wreckage on

The peripherals peacefully attached to the gizmo they batter

In their quest for quenching ardent curiosity in their grey matter.

But these steps though hilarious to watch at length,

I know, are the steps which guided will lead to full strength.


But the hardware would have suffered massively in the event.

(c) Nyonglema

I dedicate to the kids of the 80s…remember your parent’s LCD calculator?….yeah!