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The Monkey Series: David and the dinosaur by Balla(8y old)

Once, there was a monkey called David who was taking a stroll in the forest. Then, he saw a gigantic dinosaur called Peter, but Peter was evil.
So, David said: “Please may you tell me the way to the Magical Desert?” Peter said: “I know but I won’t tell you!” So, David did this: he jumped did a backflip in the air and kicked the evil dinosaur. The dinosaur fainted on the ground in the river. So, David had to look for the Magical Desert himself.

He looked in every place he knew but couldn’t find it. So, he used his GPS, but his GPS could not find it. So he used a machine called the Knower. It knew every place David was in. So, he used it to find the Magical Desert, but it stopped working. He thought he was in the Magical Desert, when he was in it.

He made magic, and it worked. He was happy because he was in the Magical Desert.
The end.

(c) balla

A tall mountain top #forMum

Dear Readers,

I had to share this little jewel from my 8-year-old son; something special he wrote for his precious mum. It’s so unexpected that he came up with something so special…and she loved it.

So here goes: A tall mountain top, by Balla.

Kind regards,

A tall mountain top
As tall as you can see
With lovely flowers
Grass and trees

I love to
climb up there
It’s so tall that it nearly
touches the

(c) balla

Learning the Computer #millenials #2000kids

Most perplexing about the capacity of human brains,

Is the flexibility felt when my sons learn computer games.

I watch them go from that searching stare of silent innocence,

Lying in crib or mat, swatting at pendants as if in offence

To swiping and stabbing with index finger at all passing tablets,

Cellphones, my poor laptop! If there’s a display and app-lets

Or full-blown applications with colours which beckon,

They’re game for clicking about and that’s done heavy wreckage on

The peripherals peacefully attached to the gizmo they batter

In their quest for quenching ardent curiosity in their grey matter.

But these steps though hilarious to watch at length,

I know, are the steps which guided will lead to full strength.


But the hardware would have suffered massively in the event.

(c) Nyonglema

I dedicate to the kids of the 80s…remember your parent’s LCD calculator?….yeah!