Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015

As I drove past the crash yesterday- blue car upside down in a ravine-

I thought of the year dying, and how this driver must have driven

Off, considering that 2015 was his for the taking already!

So as 2014 takes a bow – a long bow-

I wish to all those blessed to breathe the air so close to the new year

Health, joy, love, hope, faith, trust, and true happiness.


May your New Year’s resolution be akin to a vow;

May you attempt all your dreams without a single fear;

May your actions leave lots for posterity like Arthur Guinness.

May the smiles you brought me adorn my face like a bow

Through 2015 as for the calendar I now tear

While relishing all the moments we shared I currently reminisce.


You all have been special to me in 2014,

My dear wife and mind boggling kids,

My family in its entirety, near and far.

My friends both new and old,

Those who read my work, those who liked and shared

Future readers, and all you bloggers.

Each one of you laid a stone to whom I am today,

And who I wish to be in 2015.

So, hoping to make it till 23:59,

And that you will be there with me to breathe the air God so graciously grants us

I wish you Happy New Year!

2015 is YOUR year….well mine too 😉

With love,


My family

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