Behind the Scenes #preparation #hardWork #hustle

Did you ask him what he did behind the scenes?

The artist puts on an electric show;

The surgery’s done without sweat on the brow;

The painting looks sophisticatedly plain as what you could do;

The machines are fixed without much ado.

But did you ask what he did behind the scenes?


The melody’s perfect, but it’s just a piano;

The building’s perfect in 2 months, no more;

The plot of the story got you laughing for two;

And the bulb is on with a flick from you.


Did you ask her what she did behind the scenes?

The goal’s marvelous from a kick of a shoe;

The plane soars over the ocean with you;

The medal’s won by a long javelin throw;

And the target’s hit on the other side of the war.

Did you ask her what she did behind the scenes?


Did you ask them what they did behind the scenes,

As they learned the skills and honed them,

Sweat and pain and fear and bitter phlegm

Each time they failed, but dusting up to try again,

And loving each minute as they drew close to perfection:

That’s the iceberg lying behind the scenes.


(c) Nyonglema


One Certainty #cradle2theGrave #Death #mementoMori

I watch them wriggling their brand new toes,

Swinging soft arms at some unknown foes;

I watch their little chests  heave with life

And ponder on mine: its gains its strife.


The trees have gone from seed to giants

In front of the home where I bugged my parents

For care: baby, infant, toddler on a mission

To understand this world and beyond the horizon.


My head from curled wrapped nappy hair

Has gone through jungle thick to little hair

And the black in the surviving tuft

Starts to thin, leaving a grey so roughed.


This much I realise from the innocent foetus

To the wriggling fellows, to adults roaming cities,

Not prosperity, nor love, nor pain, nor parents can be sure,

But one things is: that one day you’ll be no more.


(c) Nyonglema