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Gone Gone Valentine #loveLost #heartbreak

“Leave me! You’re good for nothing!”
Hitherto have I heard nothing so numbing!
Whither would she tell me such a thing?
Weathers change, I’m still thinking
About that long gone valentine.

Weathers change, birds chirp and fade,
Velds grow and grey in life’s hasty wade.
I miss her, let’s call a spade a spade.
Since my silver lining got ripped off, I’m scared.
Gone gone are those pleasant songs of Valentine.

“Kiss me! You are really something!”
Why would such sweet surges be lost in
A single line: “You’re good for nothing!”
But why mourn, more fun’s coming …
But for now, I’ll be forlorn, oh gone gone Valentine.

(c) Nyonglema

Pause for Love #love #valentine #wife #music

Hush! I hear the most beautiful music
From Earth, but akin to Heavenly praise
And wish this instant would last umpteen days
To cradle me in the notes nurtured by these muses.

The violin flows like velvet before my eyes
In gentle steps and dainty body wind;
Such motions as wrapt David’s mind
When moonlight lit a fire in his lustful iris.

The piano says such sweetness softly
In strong but measured wisdom bundles
To guard, advise, and love and cuddle
With honey melting within me like toffee.

The drums are loud in rhythm with mine,
Saying passion in metronomed kicks and snares.
With mine, the orchestra’s beyond the spheres
As both beats intertwine to weave these sweet lines.

Hush! pause this instant as I hold my love.
Pause only, let me hold my love forevermore.

(c) Nyonglema

Valentine Dreams

Crystal-red-coloured rose pouring sweet scent into my nose;

That’s what you are, and more, my sweet muse.

The other night, vivid dreams of you I had

That made sleep feel like divine love:


You and me in a flowered prairie, with bright clothes.

I saw the bright sunlight jive alive in your black diamond eyes most true

That married your smile, as you told me you were glad

To be with me, smelling flowers and watching doves.


I was so glad! I can still feel how my heartbeat rose

When you told true tales of love as you’re used

To doing, with your hands in mine, your soft palms.

How much more can I thank the Orchestra above?


For this scene is all I’d have wanted, like exquisite prose.

From time to time, I’d look at you from behind (you’d excuse

Me!) and have nothing to add to the perfection you clad

And still do in reality! Perfect curves painted silken mauve!


I’s about to end the distance between our lips when I arose

Most sad to find all that was but a dream.

I’d have gladly gone back to the dream

But reality is worth a thousand dreams; so I left home

To meet the object of my every joyful prose

On this valentine morning so jocose.

(c) Nyonglema