Gone Gone Valentine #loveLost #heartbreak

“Leave me! You’re good for nothing!”
Hitherto have I heard nothing so numbing!
Whither would she tell me such a thing?
Weathers change, I’m still thinking
About that long gone valentine.

Weathers change, birds chirp and fade,
Velds grow and grey in life’s hasty wade.
I miss her, let’s call a spade a spade.
Since my silver lining got ripped off, I’m scared.
Gone gone are those pleasant songs of Valentine.

“Kiss me! You are really something!”
Why would such sweet surges be lost in
A single line: “You’re good for nothing!”
But why mourn, more fun’s coming …
But for now, I’ll be forlorn, oh gone gone Valentine.

(c) Nyonglema


Darkness in my Heart #heartbreak #AES #power #love #tragedy

A.E.S has done it again!

I mean, I’ve been sitting and thinking

Thoughts so vain, waiting. Waiting

For the bulbs to flicker then “ding”

With bright white light once again.


A few minutes before the TV roared

In the Bernabeu and I watched: no blinking!

Each shot, each trickery of their inking

As with art they had my heart rising then sinking:

Champions League night baby! Nobody bored!


And the lights were white alive

But the whir of electrons slowly seeping

Through laden wires didn’t affect my skipping

Ad arrhythmia as victory played the evil Imp in

This story: appearing then dipping into its hive.


Yes! the bright lights were on yet ignored

And like the well with its honey for our drinking

Ignored till without warning or tin bell ringing

Darkness rushed in to seize our wishes and hoping

And my love was gone; leaving my heart all scoured.


(c) Nyonglema