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Read and blacked #noViolence

There’s a call from the depths of the shadows of the trees.
No, it’s but a whisper…no a whimper
A finger pointing to the sky as if to hold back its ghost,
By passing through the hook in the tail, where it anchored once
And gave purpose to the mouth, seeks the words.
Yesterday adrenaline threw a party and welled up,
As the radios piled up the tension in the atmosphere
In the warehouse of his soul. The finger lowers, slowly.
Maybe not this time. Maybe it will have to let go. Maybe the eagle
Will fly away with the message and alert the angels, or
Inspire a new way to change, a new way to love.
Just a whimper in the bushes, now red and black,
With caking blood clinging to the midribs as if
Scared to touch the screaming ground, where many dead lie.
Just a whimper, oblivious to those running around it, defending,
Taking bullets, giving bullets. This looks like some buffet
In Hell. Brothers are sharing a beautiful meal of hate,
While the future hangs on a finger, which wished for more
Than dying slowly in the clamour of unwanted war.

(c) Nyonglema

1st of October 2017, my kids almost lost their only great grandmum, but many parents shall have to bury their children, and some children will have to bury their parents. My deepest condolences brothers and sisters.

I don’t know about you, but a bullet never solved any problem. When the protagonists are all dead, all that’s left is hate in the hearts of the grievers, and revenge hangs heavy like the reek of putrid grudges. Hate begets hate, love begets love. Let’s be humble and love each other, for like with everything, you can only decide when the war is born, you don’t know the day nor the hour when everything is so torn that the war must die

Like with every positive message, I fear this will be read and blacked out…please share. Let’s stop the spiral of hate!

Food for soldiers #stopWar

So, I’m experimeting with a new structure for poetry, to express contrast in the same poem, by juxtaposing two complete poems into a single poem 🙂 Crazy right?
We could call it Lego poetry …or nyonglema poetry (not too conceited is the bard hey?)
I attempt here to contrast what we spend on food vs what we spend on wars, then complain that there’s famine on parts of the globe.

Well, my first attempt wasn’t too successful; only the beginning was okish…so here goes the okish part of my lego poem

How much should we spend on food    For soldiers
Rather than myriad weapons       To kill humanity? 

And this is the full version:

How much should we spend on food       For soldiers
Rather than myriad weapons        To kill humanity?
Blood fills the land where        all it takes is a
Little water to kill                Little greed and ill-
uminate green which         will breed new harbours
For humanity to be        filled with the stuff that
Heals, not which       kills everything down to dust. 

(c) Nyonglema

I’d like to know what you think of this new form and any links to your blogs if you attempt something in this form. I find it rather complex because each poem should be independent, and put together they should still make sense….complex huh? But it’s fun working with strict forms sometimes….it’s like a painting. Do you think the contrast adds to the meaning? Please comment below…