To Emmaus

He lived, they saw, they followed
He died, they feared, they burrowed
He lived, they heard

He lived, they saw, but burrowed
Or left: despair the venom
Seeping into the herd

The women gave a new testament
The dead man Heaven sent 
Was dead no more.

The apostles gave same testament
He lived and died and under went
Then rose to more

But such witness may not suffice
And more of the Old opened the eyes
Of the walking pair

Maybe this age losing its sight
Can be hinged on this singular fact
That the New comes into light,
Still hidden the ancient artefacts
That prop the story up aright.

He lived, they saw, but burrowed
Even as witnesses gave testament
For they knew not of the Old,
Of prophets, and Solomon's gold
Of Ephraim, and Rehoboam
Of Susanna's guiltless sorrow

Maybe we can't see the Old in the New
And by keeping only the partial Testament
We worship ourself, call it Neo-testament, 
Rejecting the Lord's call to go over anew,
From Genesis to see His grace anew
That at the breaking of the Bread
We may see His glorious Godhead. 

(c) nyonglema