Why did you forsake the Roman empire? 
The Egyptian Empire? The Ottoman Empire? 
The French Empire...every single Empire! 
You  got comfortable and forgot your role: 
To point the sword away from human ire
And build towers to the highest spire! 

The words become banal, and the world 
Becomes masculine debauchery now hurled 
On the walls of the castles, battles unfurl 
And you get the grass treatment when bold 
Warriors wield gashes into history's burl 
And curb progress: all speak "ber ber ber"

You got comfortable, you who heroes check, 
You who feed us from embryo to adult wreck, 
And soothe, and build. You are she who make
The human race, and decide which way it goes
When you set your eyes upon your role. But heck. 
It gets boring pointing the head as the neck. 

When did you forget your strength to chase
Hammering out resolve to each case 
As would men? Why down the staircase? 
Oh, while you aim out of your cross-hairs
Remember that every civilization's fate
Equals the height of value its women encase.

(c) nyonglema