Can’t stop, won’t stop #ngarbuh #fongum #more

Who cares? The tears dry up into bitter red salt crystals
On the petals fallen to this ball of water and rocks, muddied
In lush vegetation trampled by boots, slippers, silent cymbals. 

They clang, but the ears float far away, like the soul halo
In the backlit fumes of fresh foray against foe and friend,
For revenge is mellow so that metal and more can billow. 

But who hears? The blue bird chirps its pain in arrows
And hearts, and graphic designers design gore for that
Yet the glass stays cold despite blood, char, and ash it shows. 

It stank to them who stole the pictures to horrid memory, 
But not to me. No phone can relay those chemicals to me
Or the emotions that come with walking on war territory

So I smile, and swipe left. Denial is the media's vial, 
Filled with self-loathing poison, the ministers love it too. 
More bullets, more fire, and less genocidal survival. 

(c) nyonglema

Enough #needVSwant

I've had enough of babies whining with beards,
Like the umbilical hair under their noses were trunks
To feel the ground for the hole in the chest thump.
I need, I need, I need. 
That kneads folly into dough for a cake of hate
Just because nobody had enough of cake...or of greed. 

I want to tell you the tale of how to tell apart 
The want of the brat to the needs of the heart. 

One word fellows, one word: ENOUGH. 
When the desire is infinitely insatiable, 
Then you're sure a want sits at the table. 

You can have enough love, 
Yet no number or size of glistening carbon 
Can adorn the beloved to satisfaction, 
And no white dress is beautiful enough. 

You can have enough hope, 
To go through the enemy's fray, but
No number of weapons, nor manner 
Nor style is enough to guarantee victory your way.

You can have enough food, 
But Twix, Snickers, Rafaelos, Mars, Fazer, 
Ragusa, Mambo, Rondo, Soya, can all be 
In infinite supply, eaten ad nauseam

You can have enough water, 
But crates go down the toilet pipes
And vodka drowns the neurons, and 
Amarula bottles are best when see-through. 

Indeed, as you can see it clearly appear, 
Needs enough, wants feed eternal greed:
And since ingratitude blinds the boundaries of all, 
When the desire is infinitely insatiable,
Then you're sure a "want" sits at the table.

(c) nyonglema