The Joneses

The in-crowd is where the ornaments
Dangle and glisten like snow-clad trees
It's not snow-clad in 35°C humidity with dust
Clinging on the squinting bike rider's eyes, 
As I arrive my destination and see the neighbours
Boasting with their engines, and wheels. 
I'll get mine some day. 
Judas borrowed life for a day to make 
Something's what I need now. Brand new car. 
I'll sell a soul for that. Mine? Yours? 
Lend me yours, or part of your chores. 
No not the chores, but what the bank sees. 
I'll pay you back just after this Louis V, 
This Choos by Jimmy, and after I have my GL 550. 
Yes I'll pay you...believe that! 
I'm just trying to stay ahead of the pack, 
Where I've always been at the back . 

(c) nyonglema

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