Month: October 2017

I can #interviews

My tux folds on me like boxes in a warehouse, And my tie blends in the picture, not even a fibre Seems out of place, and my mind is ready. Yessir, I can pivot Excel tables, and make them do hand stands, And watch the data seek goals on football pitches with vlookups. Yessir, I…

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Truth or dare? #RIP #hope

No neither. I see… I see bird droppings zoom out the sky and And… Humans drop looking for luck in different spheres. The crowd panics. Not felled yet, trees stand And run for the woods where leaves shield. And… I see droppings hit the leaves, souls leave the trees. Truth or dare? No, neither. Silence…

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Read and blacked #noViolence

There’s a call from the depths of the shadows of the trees. No, it’s but a whisper…no a whimper A finger pointing to the sky as if to hold back its ghost, By passing through the hook in the tail, where it anchored once And gave purpose to the mouth, seeks the words. Yesterday adrenaline…

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