My Weight Loss Routine Part 2/2 #freeWeightLoss #health

“You’re too sedentary” I recall my parent’s warning
As I swam in bites and kilobytes on a monitor
Forgetting the world, forgetting to exercise, eating junk
And battering my circadian cycle to a pulp.

And I made up my mind: I’ll get the Best of Both Worlds
(Not the K&J album…but my passion and my health)
Through a plan that’ll fix the issue at hand
And shut the mouth of that mocking sphygmomano.

So my 3 point plan was :
1. Eating less overall by halving breakfast and supper all through and lunch until my body stops groaning when I’m not stuffing more than I need into my mouth
2. Bye bye snacks and irregular meals. I shall have no more than breakfast, lunch and supper and damn you for taking me to that “soya” spot during off-meal hours!
3. A couple jumps before, while (if safe) and after I shower when the sun defeats darkness and when darkness gets its revenge. Then a diligent stretching session before I sleep.

It’s 2 years now and I’ve been failing then trying my scheme again,
And I’ve beat the scale, sphygmo and the jeers:
I’ve been at 83kg now for quite a while,
And I didn’t have to pay anybody a cent to pack this smile

(c) Nyonglema

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