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Growing ghosts #harvey

The rain dance is drugged beyond reason to the point
  That the grass bends beyond reason till their points
Wave in the sludge pulling them downwards.

There’s hope, as new life springs from rain like the ides,
  But there’s lost lives and tears spring from rain like the ides
While families gather their seeds but can’t find any space.

Harvey’s on his way, but oh how those in the Sahara wish for one,
  Yet heavy damage’s done and they all sad-hearted wishing for sun,
While families gather lost seeds, and God reaches to heal each face.


April fool #rainySeason #spring

The seeds are losing their coats of colours varied
Within the arid earth, looking to the sky’s greyness,
And the thunder oliphanting the triumphant outburst
From bustling clouds dancing the ball of the newly married,

In the loud wind whooshing and rushing about the dry grass,
Littering with dust our squinted eyes as the first drops
Jump out to wash away the drear of the season of nix,
The season of bare land, searing heat on soil like dead brass

The seeds welcome the drops intensifying with each step
Of humans seeking shelter, or humans going helter skelter,
April’s joy filling them as they foresee their plants growing
As the death of barren land leaves for fresh green and pep.

(c) Nyonglema