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Rubber #hurtsToo #cameroon

Where does Hope go to die?

Like the cat licking its wounds, wandering shiny eyed
In the dark damp dirt on the garden floor, wide
Fields it once climbed, now a pathway to a final purr,
Finding its way past life number nine?

Like the dog going to the vet’s as one before its master
Had shed a tear to heal it, today has a different plaster,
The colour of the objective seems a tad more obscure,
As they talk of “down”, “put”, “goodbye”?

Like a human standing at future’s door, fighting for entry
As teargas and bullets rush through clothes, skin, rendering
Panic in HD for those viewing the scene, sending the cure
They sought into hidden spaces where Fear and Hope battle?

Today the bullets picked the winner, and there was no tomorrow.
Hope dies when forces of order force order deep into a burrow.

(c) nyonglema

Are they civil ? #sogea #satom #douala

No !

You’d think “Maybe” if you listened to the complaints about Sogea-Satom’s slow operation lasting beyond schedule and creating craters cradling cars to sleep in watery coffins.
It’s 5:30pm, I’m on my way home.
Slowly in first gear through one I go.
Slowly through the second I go.
No. I tell you they aren’t civil.

  I brake.

To my right are two lanes of cars blocking pedestrians trying to stomp the pavement, and the cars honk as if right, and fight for right of way, while the police stare dismayed, and the rest on the normal way display anger, frustrated for they know all those will go first, not they, unless they go for the throat of the pedestrians and throw care away.

  Clutch out, first gear, it moves. I brake.

There’s been days 10km turned to 100
And days 10km became as long as a trip to Kenya
When from the airport the person boarding calls you in traffic, “I have arrived”, and you bash your brains on the steering in a Kobain tantrum, and look right at those civilians as a bunch of Brady Ians when you consider they aren’t civil.

  Clutch out, accelerate a little, and then brake.

One’s trying to skip the line in front of you as the police arrive and raise an index finger to remind them that the pavements are for feet, and it’s a car a lane, and she struggles with you not caring if her rush to arrive is marred by her marring your patient eagerness to see your home by scratches and dents on metal…hopefully she doesn’t.

  Accelerate, brake, my soul breaks.

What’s wrong with these people? The same sad song daily, and the same solutions are brought daily, but learning is water on a ducks back so…

Clutch out, accelerate, brake.

(c) Nyonglema