My little flower #love

Down by the shore of city life, I found my little flower: 
White lily shining fragrance the size of the Eiffel tower. 
Unexpected the feeling of finding beauty right here, 
Down by the shore of the rush of life, on the pier. 

Down I stooped and scooped the softly petals, 
And a whiff of joy made my feeble heart unsettle
The petals so brave were not the frail of despair
But showed the strength of surviving hostile care. 

The sepals seemed to have done their fair share, 
Cradling the white and shunning life's scares. 
Their green sang odes to my heart's singing strings, 
Like the rebirth as deep winter announces spring

By the shore of city life, I held the peduncle
And tucked it into my tangled hair's crunkles. 
"Journey with me through all of life's worst despair, 
My little flower, through life, surviving hostile care"

(c) nyonglema