Beautiful way to die #snow

The lily petals dance slowly silently till the ground is decorated,
Cold air pierces nature with a sharp spear till all is exterminated,
And the trees treasure the sun play on their silky winter fur
Which sucks life away from them, cell for cell, bur for bur.
The elk dons its party coat, to play over the frozen lake
Where fish have fled as if they heard its tummy speak hunger-ache

Wind tickles the laughter out of those petals, and children laugh
With sleds and sleighs, skis and skids, cars that don’t see and crash,
Balls thrown away, snow-women going to the delivery room again
To birth newer snow-people, while frost eats away at finger veins.
The silence…oh the silence, only broken by the music of the wind
As it rushes through the seams to steal a friend or a fiend.

The petals paint a picture, as if the store sold-out on colours
But awe, oh awe! Everything speaks the beauty of the Creator
Yet the purity of it all hacks your lips and nose, and hits your bones
Seeking to go deeper and freeze every single thing holding your soul.
Oh how less painful it is to feel the heat being teased away,
Staring at the Snow swirl and adorn Nature as a bride on her day.

(c) nyonglema

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