YOLO #beFree #YOLO


“You only live once.”  = “You only got one shot”

How did we get to such a conundrum:

“You only live once” = “Make it brief and intense”

“You only live once” = “Binge it regardless how it ends”

“You only live once” = “Get some drug addiction friends”

“You only live once” = “Lose your morals, and intelligence”


Now youth roam in confusion thinking of freedom

In magazine-imposed gear or dreams of TV show stardom.

While questions go Brownian within my cranium:

If it were a vampire movie, and it was the last silver bullet,

“You only live once” = “Waste that mofo like you got no sense?”

If it were a cowboy standdown, and you were on the other gun’s holster

“You only live once” = “Do the hammer dance, for it all ends”?

If you were at a job interview to feed  abandoned mom and 3 starve siblings,

“You only live once” = “Tell them it’s the job or murderous intents”?

All in the new politically correct nonsense: You have freedom!

Freedom to jump over the ledge, to keep your family on the edge

Wondering if you are alive or dead, wishing you’ll be back to bed.


I remember a Maverick changed the life of one hardcore YOLOer

And he realised bingeing it out just makes you a sad follower.




I see vomit pools, drunk pools, blood pools, lost schools

More fools, mere lost tools for whoever the system picks as more cool.


YOLO, wanna be my tool?


(c) Nyonglema

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