While shepherds watched #MerryChristmas

While shepherds watched their flock by night,
Seated on the ground, the sheep kept going round
In telepathic discourse, full of questions as they might,
Talking to the other sheep whom divinity had found.

“What does He look like? Does He bear Mary’s smile
Or Joseph’s nose? Is Mary ok after the delivery
And who is tending her right now?” After a while
The response would come of Mary’s particular chivalry

To push in stable bear, and bear He to save us all,
And tend the baby dear, swathed in pieces of cloth
Torn off her precious dress worn, and Joe’s wool
Of brown and black and white, amidst the fleeting moths

Dancing in the candle-lit palace of the king of
The world born as lowly as a baby among the lowliest.
His message rich -Share,Love,Reconcile – may sound tough,
But those sheep were proto-us, living glory’s best

Oh that you may see beyond the glittering balls which hang
On the Tannenbaum, with blocks, and plasticky ropes
Shining light. Oh that His coming inspires, taking your pangs,
Bringing joy and peace to you, yours, and beyond your hopes.

(c) Nyonglema


Linux: Suicidal OS #ISupportJolla #linux #opensource

Dear Linux and Afficionados,

You first flirted with my ideas in a school club as nonsense from a bunch of computer geeks punching the keyboard on a black screen reminiscent of my dad’s 3-and-half-inch floppy-booted laptop, without a mouse, without a gooey GUI floating about my face as in my modern Samsung laptop. At the time, you were Linux the other one, outside in the cold looking at Bill’s dream float in the minds of young and old, and it made sense to me: you were way too complex, despite my light fling with DOS.

Later I got to know your personality, and you were Red Hat or Mandrake or Ubuntu and frankly, it still made little sense: was this 3.1, 95, 97, Me, XP, Vista, or what were these names intended for? Wikipedia told me they were actually flavours, and not versions, and within each vanilla or hibiscus or chocolate flavour came various versions based on what else was tucked in within you. Linux. Linux. Distros, flavours, versions, and stable and long term versions within the versions….Linux: have you ever heard of “Divide and Conquer”?

When you look at your distros you see innovation, possibilities, custom-made OSes but all I see is egoistic innovation, wasted possibilities, and custom-made confusion. I see precious metals lying about like in the war-torn mine belt of central Africa, where the locals see disjointed Cobalt, Gold, Uranium, Diamonds, but the wiser put them together to drive the price up.

What do I dream of for Linux, the OS I’m growing to love? Yes LOVE. For the potential I see wasted, for the fact that hours of non-profit love and work went to make it what it is. I’m rooting for Linux as the mainstream OS. Why? I think we’re being taken for a ride by all the others, and Windows 8 was the final nudge to make up my mind to start experimenting with Ubuntu, realising that I could get stuck in the modern EI crazed world where beauty = functionality even when you just want a bloody OS which goes fast so you finish your work in time, not stitching up my threads into animations which slow me down when I have my 20 web pages open, 3 Excel instances analysing data into one Powerpoint presentation being fed by another 2 Powerpoint presentation, and collaborating with a colleague via Skype.

What do I dream of for Linux? Find a way to make Linux compete with the rest by putting your energy behind the scenes and ensuring that less effort is spent in forking as is done so often, but spooning all OSes together, no matter how different they are, to different front ends, to customisable backends. But fully functional and less buggy!

Why do I rant? I nearly saw Jolla die. Ubuntu went over the top on the phone and it went nowhere. Mozilla’s phone isn’t really it. Tizen is not yet ready. However, for each open source baby about to leave the womb of the community to shine in the world, and stop being what I perceived way back as geek toys, which dies, it’s a bit of Linux that dies.

What do I want? That you Thunderclap #ISupportJolla if you are down with Linux. This is the baby of the two “pure” Linux phones ever made by that once grand company Nokia. The Sailfish OS is the closest “pure” Linux has come to being mainstream. Ok Ok ok. Android is Linux. But that’s not the real deal here. I think Sailfish is safe and open, but can’t share all their secrets yet, because they’ll get beaten by the big boys (cf Apple’s latest battery pack “TOH”). To me pure Linux is about productivity (which doesn’t mean Uglifiability). You can build something truly productive and cute, and this is what Linux does. Not something cute then productive. It’s about priority. Pure Linux ensures you can do what you want to do as quickly as possible; Android has the most atrocious multitasking, sadly replicated in the rest.

What do I want? That you Thunderclap #ISupportJolla for you Linux guys have been suicidal for too long, holding on to your horses while the other horses on your team struggle…it’s time to push more Linux distros to the fore, whether you love Wayland or not, whether you love Mer or not. Hell, they forked whatever to get here, and you’ve forked whatever to get to where you are, like Unity, Gnome 3 etc. Just support these guys. They could screw us and Android the whole Sailfish OS in the future, or even Windows it, or even (whoa!) iOS it. Well, but by the time they get there, there’ll be another Maemo in the works, because I know you guys fork everything. Let the Kernel dominate then spread everywhere to compete against but still for itself.

Crazy thoughts from me…#ISupportJolla, please do.

Sincerely Yours,
(c) Nyonglema


Angry Oil Price

Like to gossip about some colleague while he lurks hidden,
And hears plots of redundancy (renewables for our children)
So does oil take serious offense
To solar, biomass and wind plants,
And keeps its price beyond the reach of sane investment.

(c) Nyonglema


Wake Up #Africa #newEden

Don’t you just hate the incessant annoyance buzzing out of a cellphone?
Your eyes are shut, and dreams are in you, swaying and cuddling you
And there’s this syncopated harmony floating about like US drones,
Like you’re going to get hit. Like you shouldn’t be sleeping, but you,
You love it here. The real world’s harsh with things to fear, fears to bear
Bears in the office, officials plundering taxes, taxes to be paid,
Payments you are owed, Owen missing goals, Goals not getting nearer….
Near this cosy cushion of dreams, the cursed music is played
By transistors you’d bash but for the fact that you’ll have to pay
For the pain of being able to make a call again….
But that’s not what I’m talking about today. No way.
Who are you going to blame when it’s time to feel the pain?
Africa! AFRICA! Hey! AFRICA! It’s 6 a.m. and it’s pouring.
You’re stuck in a past of pain, perjury and mourning, looking further back
To dream of glory, gumption in days when you built stone storeys.
Those stories are history…..hello! ….Wake Up!!!  Get out the sack
Generations boated in hordes, hoarded to shores where all fell apart
To generations hoarded on their own shores, robbed, tortured, more
To generations seeking for sure, for their brains have lost their heart,
And disconnected from self they float in hordes tormented and more,
Are your pedigree. Shall you stop to stare at the tripping stone there?
Shall you mourn the morning that brought mourning till it disappears
To some sugar candy mountain in purple pill colours, and hear
Psychedelic mushrooms hum soothing tunes into your crying ears?
Africa??? Who are you blaming now, while the shutters blind your view?
They enslaved you? You’d been doing it for ages and taught them too,
And caught and chose the ones to be sent off in balls and chains in twos
And forced them in exchange for glitter, clothes, status and booze.
They signed shady deals? Well not amongst themselves they didn’t!
Not like some shady deal CIA-hidden between Obama and Biden,
Or Paul and Phil. You were represented by the mice with hidden
Agenda at the cheese distribution party. So …..nope they didn’t.
Rather than mourn, and seek root in tradition tradition…tradition.
What’s tradition? And who said it was frozen in some distant time
Before others changed your clime? Your ancestor’s oral diction
Was altered, and clothing, and building and art and even clime
As you migrated from oasis to oasis, fleeing from wars and drought!
Tradition? That’s a 60s newspaper bashing Facebook for breaching
Tradition. Culture. I’m more for principles, which is deeper, without
Which our bearings are stuck in heavy rotation North East West South.
Rather than mourn, and seek root in tradition, reinvent your minds
Adapt, grow. Change is opportunity, and exclusion kills opportunity.
Reverse racism is two wrongs to a right, and no matter what fines
You would levy, exclusion is your energy spent to fix past iniquity,
But shouldn’t we be seizing that opportunity? Driving paradigm
Change in little and big ways, and saying to the plants in the garden:
It was tough, but soak it all up, learn from all and then you can design
A new way to live. Then call it culture, call it tradition. Call it Eden


(c) Nyonglema