The End #writing201 #bye #aurevoir #aufwiedersehen

End it all with tears and gall or love’s joy,
Fleeting time’s demand is all I dreaded most!
Ten days pens blazed eyes mine like childhood toys,
Ten days then this: Ben says “Time” to all posts.
How lovely it started: words played with me;
Ideas from child years, from teen years and now
Poured through each page I read in cam’rad’rie
Blending into this punch that leaves me “Wow!”

Yes fun felt deep is one fore’er to keep
Poetry’s duty alive on running feet.
Tricks learnt and thoughts earned in laugh or in weep
Shall walk me till I’m past Earth’s defeat.
Friends, to part brings pain, but it’s been joy
We’ll end not with tears and all, but love’s joy.

(c) Nyonglema