Sorry Son #NatureIsSpeaking @ConservationOrg #saveYou #SaveEarth

Sorry son, while I leaped over balls and stones with happy goats,
You have to dodge moving vehicles, in dirt and soot;
While I woke to the melody of lullaby-like bird songs,
You have to wake to grunting engines and honking commuters;
While I put my nose up to breathe in nature’s gift in air,
You cover your nose to ward off disease and pestilence in there;
While I dipped in the waters to rest my tired and hot body,
You daren’t touch the oil and dirt floating in that pond;
While I watched the rhino run, the elephant elegantly strutting,
You read about this in books, and ask questions on times long gone;

Sorry son, while I enjoyed all this, I didn’t think you’d miss the fun.

(c) Nyonglema