Shiny shiny

Then foreseeing the weakness of the cross,
Bleeding, helpless, He would kneel.
Three years of wasted ministry prevented
By the brave act of trading this simple act
For the salvation of all the kingdoms of the Earth,

Do it for Love

Romeo fell up the balcony while the bats
Roamed the sky, catching the bugs in his
Poetry. The melody cast a shadow at Juliet’s
Door and with his head over her heels,
Her heart was gripped by the lyrics
Pouring into the secrecy of that instant.

Socially Mediated Tyranny

“You ain’t sh….opping at the right shops!
Your meals are too ordinary. Even your
Guardian angel must be a frail-looking
Nerd without the brains to match the title,
But with just the brawn that can’t lift an axle.
You too don’t have the six pack to share
With friends; the thumb icon seems to point
Down just for your life, Hearts for their smiles,
Smiles, camera.


On this day so special for you and me,
Nothing I do can match what I mean
To say through the gestures you’ve seen,
For there’s nowhere else, no-one else
I’d rather be than here with you.